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Uranus is a space exploration game that will put you in control of your very own spaceship. Build a ship configuration that is right for you, then blast off exploring for treasures in the vast unknown regions of space.

Uranus is currently very early in development. It is being written using the XNA framework.

Digging into the world

Here I started working on world destruction.

screenshot No animations yet
screenshot Zoomed out

Ship Editor – First Working Build

Uranus will feature a Ship Building interface, where you can design all kinds of different ship configurations.

screenshot Ship Editor 1 – A rough start
screenshot Ship Editor 2 – But it works

Land Generator Progress

Land is created via a perlin noise generator, and portions are written to disk as you explore new areas. This allows for infinite world sizes.

screenshot Land Generator 9
screenshot Land Generator 8

screenshot Land Generator 6 – Later Collision Optimizations
screenshot Land Generator 5

screenshot Land Generator 4 – Early Collision Optimization
screenshot Land Generator 3

screenshot Land Generator 2
screenshot Land Generator 1

Part Functionality Progress

Many different part types are planned for Uranus. Currently has Guns, Thrusters, and Hull sections. Many more to come.

screenshot Sample Ships
screenshot Laser Guns

screenshot Thrusters – Front/Back/Side
screenshot Thrusters

Debug Screenshots

screenshot Gravity
screenshot Ship Debug View